How I Lost 50lbs So Far This Year

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Hi, my name is Beth Medemar and I LOVE my family, but I HATED being fat.

I hated how my clothes fit (or didn’t fit in most cases).  

I hated how drained I felt all the time.  The fact is being a good Mom requires a TONS of energy and being fat DRAINS a ton of energy.  It almost seems like God’s little prank on us.

I hated how people looked at me different.

I hated how my husband “Didn’t look at me anymore”…

The fact is dieting is difficult for anyone… but dieting for Mom’s is a nightmare.  Between cooking, cleaning and crappy diapers there’s barely enough time to eat, let alone EAT RIGHT.

For me at least, eating right was eating RIGHT NOW.

The fact is, “Normal diets” are made for “Normal people”…with “Normal Schedules and routines”.

As a busy mom I didn’t have those “Normal Luxuries” and that means that if I really wanted to lose weight:

It had be convenient.

It had to be quick.

It had to be easy to follow.



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